Cobra Head Reducing Elbow 5" ID to 4" ID

Cobra Head Reducing Elbow 5" ID to 4" ID

Code: 90CB50R40B


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Product Description

Cobra head elbows are used when clearance is extremely limited, such as when an air cleaner outlet is up against a firewall. There is no other way to make a really tight bend without losing air flow.

How does the cobra head make such a tight bend without increasing turbulence? Because it flares out, creating more volume internally without increasing length.

Use a cobra head anywhere a standard or short-radius elbow will not fit. Temp rated at 250-275F. 

Recommended clamps are 94100-0450 on the small end and 94100-0550 on the big end. 


To make clamp installation easier, remove the locknut, align the clamp while holding in place, and screw on the locknut to capture the first few threads.