Cobra Head Elbow 2.31" ID X 2.5"ID

Cobra Head Elbow 2.31" ID X 2.5"ID

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Product Description


Cobra head elbows are used when clearance is extremely limited, such as when an air cleaner outlet is up against a firewall. There is no other way to make a really tight bend without losing air flow. How does the cobra head make such a tight bend without increasing turbulence? Because it flares out, creating more volume internally without increasing length. Use a cobra head anywhere a standard or short-radius elbow will not fit. Temp rated at 250-275F.

This is the special version to fit most one-barrel carburetors (straight part on top of carb must be long enough to clamp elbow on securely). The 2-5/16 end is the short end. The long end is the 2.5" end. Can also be used in other applications where sizes are close - for example the 2-5/16" end will stretch to 2.5" with some effort (it will also clamp down onto 2-1/4" easily).

Made in USA.

Recommended clamps are 94100-0275 on the small end and 94100-00288 on the big end if the small end is installed on a 2-5/16 tube or carb. If the small end in mounted to a 2.25" tube, use 94100-0262; if mounted on a 2.5" tube, use another 94100-288.