Hardcore Intake '04 LS1-GTO Basic Kit

Hardcore Intake '04 LS1-GTO Basic Kit
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    This basic kit for the hardcore intake system has everything you need except the hole saw and air filter. Includes pre-cut tubing and the grommet strip for the 4-1/4" hole. The basic kit contains all-stainless worm-gear clamps for economy. For a truly professional installation, choose the Basic Upgrade Kit, which contains stainless T-Bolt clamps.

    For further info and photos see hardcore-pc.com.

    Contains the following parts:
    1 ea 90HL40R35
    3 ea 45L35
    1 ea AL35X12 cut into a 6.5" piece and a 5.5" piece
    1 ea 64072
    7 ea 64060
    1 ea 819-2110-2 (not shown)
    1 ea AL35X4 (not shown) - this is the tube that goes through the fender well

    Notes: The ends of the 3.5" 45-degree elbows that connect to the MAF should be trimmed about 1/4" (BE CAREFUL!). You can install it without trimming these ends, but it won't sit quite right.

    The grommet around the 4-1/4" hole you drill in the fender, is formed from a soft plastic molding strip, which is included in the kit.