Carbon Fiber Straight Tube 2.5" OD X 6" Long

Carbon Fiber Straight Tube 2.5" OD X 6" Long
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    This 2-1/2" OD carbon fiber straight tube is used in air intake systems. Weighs 35-40% less than aluminum, yet is just as strong. Very attractive appearance.

    Our carbon fiber is 3K carbon fiber embedded in clear epoxy (wet process) and polished. Each of the bundles you see in the item consists of 3000 tiny fibers of pure carbon. The weave is twill, which means the bundles going one direction are spaced slightly wider than the bundles going the other direction. The strength is the same as plain weave (otherwise known as standard weave). Customers generally prefer the appearance of the twill as compared to the plain weave. Wall thickness .059 inch (1.5mm)

    Temp rated at 250-275F. Keep carbon fiber at least 1” away from hot engine parts.